Is Technology Making Us Dumber?

Yes, I’m lazy when it comes to some things – hiking up mountains, speed walking, getting up to find the TV remote (only kidding… kind of), but I’ve always kind of been a firm believer in working hard. When I was at school, we were looking at 50% pass marks – which, essentially, is still pretty low. Today, schools in South Africa require a 30% pass mark. Not only that, but kids are using ridiculously bad sources such as Wikipedia to copy and paste. Yeah, they have sites that detect plagiarism, but then you have companies that edit your work for you, so you can literally cheat sites like Turnitin

Where does that leave us. the youth of today, who have hopes and dreams just like we did/do but are too lazy to get there? Students use Siri to get answers at record speed, they use calculators and Google to do their homework. Knowledge just isn’t knowledge anymore.

Am I bitter that I couldn’t make use of these services when I was at school? Kind of. Heck, the first camera phone only made a hit when I was in high school (yes, I feel kind of old). On the other hand, did we – the older generation – learn things that are actually useless  today BECAUSE of the advancement of technology?

And lastly, and most importantly, why am I on a rant about today’s youth when it’s Friday night and I am in bed? Will I turn out to be one of those old woman who say, “When I was your age…”? God, I hope not.

That’s enough from me. Goodnight.


Such is Life.

~Need need need~ reflection time. I spent yesterday hungover in bed and although my soul craved some thinking time, I wasn’t very much up for it. When I diverge into alcohol, I generally do/say things I regret and for that reasons, I do feel a bit replenished. Sitting at the bus stop this morning, I realised that I didn’t feel bad because I wanted to do the things that I shouldn’t be but rather didn’t want to do the things I shouldn’t. That felt more freeing, and shows me, once again, my growth. I always want to give myself praise for the times where growth and self improvement is witnessed. Speaking on the phone with a friend who complained about a girl who drinks too much and sits on online dating websites when they’re out, it kind of hit hard “That used to be me.”

Recently, I met a 22 year old young man who went to the same University as me. When he asked me what I usually do on Friday nights, I replied truthfully “I stay at home.” His response being something along the lines of “Ha, you’re so lame.” Thank God I am not 22 anymore, ha-ha.

All in all, the tired bad feelings will be gone soon. It’s hard to feel excited and optimistic this morning when I feel like I need to puke. Such is life.