Lost Faith in Myself

When you become responsible and accountable for your life and your own actions, life seems to be a lot harder. It was easy for me to act recklessly and suffer the brunt of it weeks or months later. It was like a down pour of me hating myself and the things that I’d done but it was easy to get back on that destructive path.

I have been so hard on myself. I’ve tried (and successfully) changed my life – some aspects, drastically and others, not so drastically, but when it comes down to the night or activity where I act in an old manner, I immediately hate myself.

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One Week of Destruction

A few weeks ago, my best friend told me that she was taking a break from eating well and exercise because she’d associated eating bad food with feelings of guilt. I didn’t quite understand it when she told me that, yet found myself feeling those exact same feelings a little while later.

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