My Time to Shine

Today was really something spectacular.

I’ve just come home from a holiday at my brothers place – not far from here, but a short plane ride away. It was a well-needed time off but along with any family gatherings, there’s of course irritations and annoyances. Either way, I can honestly say that I was taken care of for a solid ten days and I was very grateful for that.

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Tackle the Mountain

I wasn’t noticed very often. Not by boys, not by men and not by male family members. I was never the hot one or the confident one or the sexy one but rather the friend of the girl who always had a boyfriend. Year after year, boys and men came into my life via her and I always wished it were me. Why wasn’t there any one coming to watch me dance?

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I’ve recently being talking with a girl on the other side of the world who is anxious to come to South Korea because of her weight. We talked openly and honestly, and it opened my eyes to a few things.

I’ve just started reading the book Half-Assed – a weight loss memoir, and it’s quite weird how this all fell into place at the same time. So many of the writers’ stories resonated with me. It was almost as though it was me sitting there, writing my story.

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Believe It, Be It

Below, are quotes from the autobiography Believe It, Be It. It’s a weight loss book written by the winner of Season Five – The Biggest Loser, Alison Vincent. I read this book about one year ago and it was such a good read, I finished it in one day.

As I am consumed and obsessed with my weight, especially lately – I wanted to re-read the book and underline the parts that speak to me. A lot of it is concerned with low self-esteem, which I fall victim of, too.I have put the quotes most applicable and meaningful to me, in bold.  I hope these inspire you.

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The Respect That I Deserve

I am going home in just over five months. This month has flown by, but that’s what happens. This is my third year in Korea and after the first six months of your twelve month contract, the time just flies. I’m thankful and, of course, cannot wait to go home because I haven’t been in more than a year and a half.

But, as the time draws near, so does the stress. Yes, I have loose ends to start tying up but I have made myself a plan for when I go home in March. It all seems pretty organised. I do, however, feel not only excited to go home, but anxious. When I started losing weight, my family had shown such pride and respect for me. It was, of course, a good thing.

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My Wake Up Call

My mother emailed me a few days ago to tell me that my sister-in-laws mother was very sick and could not get out of bed. For as long as I have known her, she has always been obese. It has been difficult for her to move around and if I am correct, I don’t think she has been able to leave her house for quite some time. I’m currently on vacation from work and so I hadn’t e-mailed my mom back yet. However, I got another e-mail from her today that said that my sister-in-laws mother has died.

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