Boy, Were We Lucky

when it was good

it was good

i would dance and twirl

so happily

that even you

couldn’t catch me

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Spoiler Alert

Up until last week, I was living my life in London, broke and unmotivated, when my boss suggested I move to Portugal. “Don’t tempt me with a plane ticket,” I said. He kept his end of the bargain and so did I. Now, I sit in the magical city of Porto.

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My Two Cents (And Merry Christmas)

Last night, I thought about what I wanted to achieve in 2016. It didn’t take me long to reach the conclusion that I should skip all the bullshit of my not wanting to go out sometimes and not wanting to do something or meet someone because traveling and planning left with me anxiety but more so, I’ve just become stubborn in that, I don’t know how I’ll feel on the day, hence my lack of planning.

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Stories I’ll Remember

I’m sure you’ve visited my blog thinking that it was going to be a bit of a laugh? How embarrassing! I have been complaining for about twenty-thousand consecutive years now. Re-reading some of my writing has been cringe-worthy to say the least. So then, let me sum up my life for the last seven months in England, using a different perspective – humour and light-hearted ridiculousness.

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Day 8 – Energised, But Sad

I’ve successfully completed my first week back on my path to a healthy life. I have been drinking Herbalife 2x a day and eating vegetables, low fat dairy, nuts, lean protein and fruit. I’ve been drinking water like it’s my job and I am down 9 pounds.

This journey is not only about weight loss. I felt it was my time to make myself happy again. I started blogging more, keeping healthy with diet and exercise, reading and sharing things that inspire me, getting great sleep, setting aside ‘me’ time and doing nice things for people.

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