Life is a Catch 22

Sitting at my newly assembled desk from Amazon, that an ex helped me build two days ago (I say helped, I didn’t really do much at all) listening to my “writing music”. The music I used to put on and listen to through my headphones in Korea when the world seemed like a chaotic mess of people talking a language I didn’t understand. Somehow, it annoyed me. I hated hearing the different intonations. I hated that I understood some of it and for that reason, couldn’t block it out but instead trying to configure what they were saying all of the time. I though the world would be much better surrounded by a language you did understand.

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It’s a Close One

Writing has become more and more of a luxury.

Korea overwhelmed me but it must of been the amount of time sat on my ass doing nothing. Now, I know the true meaning of hard work, of difficulty faced in a job and my patience and strength really is being tested.

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