Something I Am Without

I don’t have enough power within me to

Exhale the smoke from my mouth.

This is what you

Do to me.

And the chaotic busyness

In my stomach is



It’s the feeling of something or


Digging their way down deeper and


Awkwardly trying to get to the


Where I feel just as

Empty as a vase full of

Dying flowers,

Desperately trying to

Suck in water that would give it


I am



This Is Why I’m Not A Girl Who’s Up For ‘Netflix And Chill’

I remember a time when online dating was something to be embarrassed about. Now, we’re looking at young millennials using these platforms to find someone to love… for the night. But here is why I am not a girl who is up for “Netflix and Chill” as written to the future love of my life.


In a world that is driven by sex, I want you to be the guy that cares about me as a person. I don’t want to be deemed a body that you can use to gain pleasure. I want the pleasure to be both mutual and meaningful, when that time comes.

I want to meet you on a train. I want to meet you at a place that we call our favourite restaurant for decades to come. I want to meet you.

I want you to love me for my brains first and my appearance second. I want you to know that I like frangipani flowers and staring out at the rain. I want to know where you went to school and who your first kiss was.

I want to get angry at you for not folding the washing or forgetting to bring home onions on the way home from work. I want to be passionate with you when our bodies crave each other with familiarity and animal instincts.

I want to cry with you when you lose someone special and I want to hold your hand when I cross the street. I want to watch terrible films with you and laugh until my face hurts.

I want you to want me even though I have no interest in politics, science or maths. I want you to be open-minded when I want to try something new or go on an adventure. I will be understanding when you want to experience something new, too.

I don’t want to use degrading words in conversation with you. I don’t want to come over and visit you late at night, either. I am not a girl who is up for “Netflix and Chill”.

Elite Daily 


Picture It and Write.

Your insides are rotten with maggots and decomposing filth. I know you. I’ve seen you. I’ve witnessed your fucking demon-like character and animalistic rage. You will always be nothing. I envision you with your mouth on the curb, only to have your face shattered by my foot and when that day comes, in reality or in my dream – I’ll let go of all of my hate.

Who is Going to Love Me Then?

I am pretty.

I am intelligent.

My golden brown hair shines in the sun.

My skin glows.

There is nothing wrong with me.

Until my golden brown hair no longer has sun to shine in.

And my skin is surrounded by darkness.

What then?

Who is going to love me then?



Had you ever thought about why you love fall? The most amazing news to me is that the weather has cooled down and the leaves are changing colours every day into dazzling reds, oranges and eventually, brown. But had you thought about why you frolic in your beloved season? The fact that we find beauty in the leaves which are changing colours simply because they’re dying? And eventually, we’re left with a bare tree and cold weather which most of us can’t stand.

Fluttering Eyes and Lips full of Life.

Her face was as pretty

As a diamond that sparkled different colours as it moved.

Her shimmering skin breathed life into those around her.

And her eyes fluttered quickly

As her reflection mimicked her on the window.

There was something about that smile, however.

Red lipstick perfectly covering all corners of her mouth.

Lips crooked and smooth.

But the shadows of her dark soul emitted through the smile of those




Picture Perfect Princess.

With a outward demeanour of hope

Left nothing for ones’ body to desire.