Karma’s HeadQuarters

Life is an unpredictable mistress full of lessons that sometimes, you wish you didn’t have to learn. And often, you’ll reach a conclusion that people are complete jerks.

But just when you’re ready to throw in the towel, cursing the world for one or several people who made you feel hopeless or helpless, someone with a cheerful smile, a comfortable shoulder, and a helping hand comes along to prove you wrong.

I wish not only for myself, but for you too that human beings weren’t so selfish, cruel, sadistic, and unkind. But when the world throws two middle fingers at you, remember that you are the first victim of your own anger.

Let go.

Chalk the experience to and find solace in the fact that karma is in her headquarters conjuring up the biggest payback of all time, tilt your head back, and laugh. Because during times of stress, sadness, hurt and betrayal, you learn who your true homies are, and then – life doesn’t seem so horrendous after all.


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