Easy Money…But At What Price?

Everyone wants to make money. I don’t think there is anyone in the entire world that wants to live in poverty or who enjoys living from paycheck to paycheck…especially if that paycheck is minimal.

But in the technological age, it’s much easier to make an extra buck or two by utilizing online websites and using social media to our advantage. By simply creating an Instagram account, you can increase your audience. Add in a website and some SEO skills, and hopefully you’ll get everything you ever wanted and more.

But despite this forward leap in technology, it’s somewhat ironic that the ‘oldest profession’ in the world still thrives. Instead of having your photo in a newspaper though, we’re looking at so many new ways in which to enjoy the company of a woman…for the night. Tinder, OKCupid, all of those apps are thriving due to the fact that one can satisfy his or her needs so easily. But for those who seek more than just a lay… there are escort websites, displaying only the most beautiful, lavishing, and c*ck hungry women.

And while I am all for women empowerment, I wonder to what degree these ladies suffer or thrive with the knowledge that they’re selling their ‘companionship’. Do I know any women who are in this industry? No. But it sure would be interesting to get inside the mind of those who are earning money in this manner.

Why the blog post? I’ve recently moved to Spain (again), after a few stints back in London, Portugal, and some time in South Africa. And after seeing how rife this industry is in Europe and beyond, it’s just an interesting notion to know that… sxx always sells! Are we moving forward because of technology, or despite it? Ponder on that!



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