Spoiler Alert

Up until last week, I was living my life in London, broke and unmotivated, when my boss suggested I move to Portugal. “Don’t tempt me with a plane ticket,” I said. He kept his end of the bargain and so did I. Now, I sit in the magical city of Porto.

Trudging through the airport, with just over 30kg in-tow i.e. my entire life in a suitcase, I saw a man dressed like a typical nerd. For a moment, I wondered whether he chose that outfit because he was a nerd, or because he simply did not care. After some thought, I chose it to be the latter.

Why? This man was sat on the floor with a notebook and pen, writing furiously whilst listening to music with his headphones. I was intrigued as to what he was writing, but more importantly – I envied him.

I realised that I too wanted to be the type of person that grabbed a pen and paper at any given time to write about the things I’d seen, felt, and experienced. Or the person that jots down the weird thoughts they have created in their chaotic mind while having the ability to shut out the world for a while.

I want to be the person that goes outside simply to feel the magic that I believe this beautiful city possesses. I want to find that quiet spot that encourages me to feel happy, thankful, and content.

Spoiler alert: I can be that person.

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