Out of the Hole.

After almost three weeks, I am finally in a place that I can call ‘home’ … until July 6th.

I moved to England on June, 1st and it’s been one hell of a rollercoaster. It’s the hardest career/life move that I have ever had to do. Some might argue how that could possibly be – in Korea, everything is handed to you. Yes, you don’t understand the language or the culture but you arrive there with a job and an apartment (that your school pays for) and you earn a cushy salary.

The first job I had here lasted all but five days! After that, I had no where to live, no job and really not a lot of money. I moved from city to city to sleep on friend’s couches etc and managed to meet a guy who, apparently, is taking me to Prague or Barcelona in two weeks! Life has been nothing short of exciting.

I am now working as a TEFL teacher for adult Europeans and South Americans and it really is lots of fun. The commuting is a bitch and my feet throb every day, but – it’s all a change. I have interviews coming up for full time teaching in the Fall!

Regardless of circumstances, I have no anxiety and I don’t dread every day. It feels good to be out of that hole. DSC_9175


Fat Girl in England.

Long story short – I was tired of being unhappy and letting everyone else dictate to me how I should feel and how to be treated so I decided to up and leave. One month prior to my new work contract, I told my work I couldn’t stay on. I booked a one way ticket and now, I am in England. Essentially, I am homeless and jobless as I started off au pairing for 5 days and it was sheer hell. This is exactly what I was looking for, though. To be pushed so far out of my comfort zone, to be challenged, to feel alive and scared and excited. To start something new – it’s all I wanted. So, here’s to an exciting new adventure – I’ve been here just over a week and don’t know what the fuck I am doing. It’s fantastic.