Silent Voice

I’ve been sexually abused. I’ve been emotionally abused. I’ve been neglected. By men all my life. Can’t you see that I’m trying to scream out;

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It’s Not That

I want to cry. I want my precious heart to pour out of my body and I want to feel the pain run down my face. I want to gasp for air. I want to cry so badly. When will the struggle of being alive, end? Iwriteandiwriteanditallsoundsoridiculous

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Rather, Just Fuck Off

I will no longer allow others to dictate how I feel about myself. I have lost faith in people, many times, but now – the thought of interacting or relying or working with people disgusts me. I don’t want to have friends or a companion, I don’t want you to sit near me or tell me your secrets or betray me.

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Waiting to Change His Life

I’ve watched men disrespect and mistreat me – be it within the space of a few hours, months, years or worse, a life time of emotional unavailability. I can’t say I’ve ever really received treatment from a man that makes me believe that he would actually do anything to keep me around.

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I felt weird last night. It happened around 5:30pm and it felt as though I was high or out of it. I went home and had no energy to do small tasks. I got in bed around 7 o’ clock and felt completely out of it throughout the night, too. I woke up feeling OK but down. I went to work and as soon as I got there, it was as if I was about to implode or have a panic attack.

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Sex and Bullshit

We’re born alone, right? Why is it that we strive to have a significant other? We live our lives being ashamed of being single and putting up with the biggest load of bullshit from the opposite (or same) sex.

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