I’ve started seeing an online therapist in hope to address my past and understand my behaviour. He’s told me to write down my dreams so that we can look at them together – so for the past week, I’ve been recording them. I have been dreaming every night since and remembering them the next day. I wake up and immediately write them down and realise that if I was not doing that, I would of never remembered them in the first place.

Doing this has made me feel slightly vulnerable. I had never really considered looking into my dreams as a way into my unconscious mind and what those dreams may be symbolising. I feel as though I am discovering a whole new side to myself as if my body is letting me in on a secret I did not know. I have found many recurring symbols which, too, has got me wondering. I’m happy to be exploring these dreams as well as everything else but it has left me feeling a little strange.


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