Hi! (and thank you)

“Hi! One word then, one smile, is enough.” – a book-end I bought in South Korea. Simple, but isn’t it true?

It was Wednesday evening and I was at home. It had been raining all day, my favourite kind of weather, so I went onto my balcony wearing a sleeveless, short and almost see-through nighty without a bra so that I could breathe in the cool air for a minute.

My eye was met with a Korean woman who lives opposite my building and she was smiling and waving at me. Well, it probably was me – I guess it could of been someone else in my building? However, I embarrassingly waved back and went inside because of what I was wearing. Yet, thinking back on it – is that not what life is about? The small, simple and thoughtful pleasures? After she had waved at me, I thought back to the game my siblings and I used to play when we were kids on long (or what seemed long) journeys with our parents. We would wave at strangers in other cars and see if they’d wave back. Doesn’t that takes us back to a simpler time?

I was further filled with joy when I was walking home from the shop and a Korean woman simply said “Hi!” as we walked past each other. This is definitely not a regular occurrence here. I have probably been greeted surprisingly by a Korean person all by three times at most for no reason at all. I walked on and realised that that simple “Hi!” put a smile on my face.

I’m currently in the process of writing my own book. It’s based on this blog and I am about half way in. I’ve been doing some research about publishing and self-publishing and now that this is getting real, I am wondering if printing this book would ever be detrimental to my professional life. It’s not to say that I have admitted things that I am scared of the world knowing but it is sincerely personal.

This month marks my two year anniversary for Fat Girl in South Korea – and I could not be more proud of myself as well as everyone that has contributed towards it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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