200 km/hr in the Wrong Direction

People are making me claustrophobic. I am realising the immediacy of my biological ticking clock and although I’m meeting people (and holding onto old ones), it seems to be ineffective. I’m not going anywhere in the direction that I would like to.

I’ve had some time to think. I think it’s better to give up on those who don’t show any kind of initiative towards me. I’ve taken steps in eradicating a few people from my life (online presence) and I feel better for it. I am, however, clinging to old things. It’s like holding onto something small in case it had potential but knowing deep down, that it really doesn’t.

I need a fresh start. Time to reflect more and time for friends. Dating seems to not be going in any direction which is favourable and I don’t enjoy small talk.

I’ve just taken a look at the dynamic of relationships from a completely different angle. It’s made me realise that the girl I though someone would want are, in fact, probably the reason why they don’t want me. It’s baffling my mind. I can’t seem to understand it but perhaps it’s true.

Have I been doing it wrong all of these years?


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