Shock Like That

I’ve neglected writing my blog for a little while because I’ve been quite focused on starting a book. I don’t know what I am doing but I know what I want to be said and for that reason – I’m just going for it.

Work has been ridiculous. I am an English teacher, by title, but am nowhere near it. I have taught about 6 lessons total since starting this job (7 weeks ago) and my Korean co teacher is younger than me, less experienced than me (even though that constitutes more respect for me, in Korean culture), yet she seems to run the show. There is absolutely no job satisfaction, and I am certain I will be a professional sit-on-my-ass-er by the end of the contract year.

Other than that, I haven’t quite taken the time to be grateful for my life. I had an accident on Saturday and I am not sure if I am over reacting, but nevertheless, I have been feeling slightly weird ever since. I slipped in the shower and my head only just missed the ledge. I have a sore body and a few bruises but in some attempt at flight or flight or good reflexes, I jolted my head up and missed it getting hurt. I lay there, water running on me for a few seconds feeling totally shaken up. When I got out the shower, I called my mom. After that, I had a panic attack and I felt as though oxygen had been completed depleted. I breathed heavily into a towel and then not and didn’t know why I breathed into a towel as it only made it worse. It was awful. I then took a xanxax and spent the rest of the afternoon in a weird haze.

The following day, I felt better but just completely on edge as if everything was in super drive. Maybe I am over reacting, but I needed to take this time to thank God that nothing serious happened to me. I have never quite felt shock like that before.


3 thoughts on “Shock Like That

  1. You’re fortunate that you didn’t get seriously hurt. There have been times that I’ve nearly wiped out in the shower. I think that it’s because our defenses are down, or that we’re completely distracted. I hope that you feel better soon!

  2. Hi, glad that you are well. Thank you for information on south Korea. I am in the process of applying for a teaching job and can’t decide on which area to choose. Is travel insurance for the entire stay in korea necessary? Also please give me advice on banking and transferring money back home. As a first time teacher there, do you advise I teach at a Hagwon or public school? I appreciate your assistance 🙂

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