Such is Life

~Need need need~ reflection time. I spent yesterday hungover in bed and although my soul craved some thinking time, I wasn’t very much up for it. When I diverge into alcohol, I generally do/say things I regret and for that reasons, I do feel a bit replenished.

Sitting at the bus stop this morning, I realised that I didn’t feel bad because I wanted to do the things that I shouldn’t be but rather didn’t want to do the things I shouldn’t. That felt more freeing, and shows me, once again, my growth. I always want to give myself praise for the times where growth and self improvement is witnessed. Speaking on the phone with a friend who complained about a girl who drinks too much and sits on online dating websites when they’re out, it kind of hit hard “That used to be me.”

Recently, I met a 22 year old young man who went to the same University as me. When he asked me what I usually do on Friday nights, I replied truthfully “I stay at home.” His response being something along the lines of “Ha, you’re so lame.” Thank God I am not 22 anymore, ha-ha.

All in all, the tired bad feelings will be gone soon. It’s hard to feel excited and optimistic this morning when I feel like I need to puke. Such is life.


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