Passive Agressive, Drama or Ignorance

Something feels like dye in water, poisoning my mind that hasn’t been this healthy in some time. Two things on the heart. I’ve said it before and with time, unfortunately, it doesn’t stop – neither does the over analysing.

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Back Bone

It’s dead quiet in the office. Just what I need. I’ve been given the period off from teaching because the students are doing a reading activity. This week has been overwhelming, to say the least. I brought my happy-go-lucky, ecstatically happy attitude with me from South Africa and it stuck, for the first week or two.

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What To Expect When Teaching/ Living in South Korea

Coming to Korea is definitely a culture shock. I always thought it was a small world – until arriving here. My first impression was that I was on a different planet but it was exciting. Learning about a new culture has only made me a stronger, more worldly and open minded person. It was here, that a lot of growing was done.

Below, a list of things to expect/ prepare for your life in South Korea.

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Thank You, Universe

My MacBook took a dive and instead of panicking, cursing and complaining to everyone I knew – I calmly contacted a computer guy, packed up the machine and sent it off the next day. My life is calm. I am noticing changes everyday. I can see how these antidepressants are saving me. I no longer make my compulsive lists and worry excessively. I realised that it was the OCD fuelling the anxiety and vice versa.

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