Picture It and Write.

Physical space. Ruining everything from the hopes I had to the dreams I now hold. You are not gone. Your faint presence beckons and looms, teasing me. Nearly everyday. If this obstacle, this giant hole in the ground, the cloud of darkness in front of me would disappear. My dear. I blame it on this cursed world. Distorting me from you. It’s pushed us so far away from each other. We can’t do it. Not like this. My pessimism has gotten me into trouble in the past. My strong mind can break the walls and they do. One by one. The wool covering my eyes peel away. Fresh eyes and full heart. Your face is in front of me but now, I can’t move.


Published by

Korea, Love and Longing

South African with a passion for writing, photography... and nothing much else. I travel the world in order to find the country I like the best. Four years in South Korea makes me a winning survivor of Google translate and charades. Currently, living in Spain. - Love

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