Beat Them Once Again

I’ve been overweight my entire life. I had never felt comfortable in my own skin, up until the end of 2012. I had lost 16 kilograms and, although I have still never been what society deems thin, I realised tonight that it’s not at all about what society, friends, family or anyone else, thinks. My mind is wafting back to when I was that -16kg and how I felt. I felt happy, proud, excited. I could walk around with my head high knowing that I looked better and I felt better about the way I looked.

I’ve had such struggles for one year about getting back into losing weight. I managed to stay at my -16 weight for a good eight months, yet, something just died and I gained 10kg. I am now finding myself looking at pictures often of how I looked not too long ago. I feel annoyed that my legs, stomach and face is so much bigger than before.

Before wafting over to the negative side, this post is actually supposed to be positive. I realised that, in order to be comfortable in my own skin, I don’t need to move mountains. I don’t need to be at the size that society demands. I just have to be at the size that I love myself in. It’s ridiculous, I need a fat kick in the ass and to beat those 10 kg once again.


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