2013 – What a Pile of Shit

It’s the end of the year and I found myself thinking about how excited I was for 2014 to begin. But then my pessimism came crawling in and I actually wondered why we put such weight and significance in these kinds of events. It’s the same as going on a diet – “I can’t start on a Tuesday, I have to start on a Monday!” or “Let me start fresh tomorrow morning.” 2013 is a year, but a day is a day.

If your life is in shambles now, chances are – it probably still will be in 2014. Nothing magical will happen when that clock strikes 12. I know that sounds oddly negative – yes, you can change your circumstances.

I suppose we use this time to reflect on the past year and feel excited about the things to come in the upcoming one – but in all honesty, 2013 has been a pretty big pile of shit for me.


2 thoughts on “2013 – What a Pile of Shit

  1. You’re going to have to figure out how to be happy without a guy and that advice applies to everyone not just you.

    You wrote in the previous post that you only want to spend your time with a guy who loves you romantically and you want to have kids.

    The reality is that no relationship can function optimally if a person’s happiness is solely and completely dependent on the other partner. That sort of relationship would only breed pressure, insecurity, etc.

    And, even if the relationship goes well and the partner is a perfect fit in every way, a relationship of total dependence would still be building your own happiness into a house of cards because you could lose your partner at any moment (physical illnesses, car accidents, etc.)

    You should figure out how to make yourself happy anyway regardless of whether you agree with me or not because the reality as well is that nobody wants to be with somebody that’s completely miserable.

    There’s one more additional point to put it bluntly and that’s if you’re this unhappy without a guy and you want kids this badly, you might start to view any guy that comes around as a good partner even when it isn’t at all the case. That kind of desperation is dangerous because you could end up being in a relationship and having kids with somebody who is a terrible person and a terrible father. As far as I’m concerned, that would be far worse than your present condition.

    Well, anyway, this all circles back to figuring out how to be happy without (or outside) a relationship.

  2. Thanks so much for your well thought out, considerate and honest comment.

    I have considered all the above. It’s typical behaviour in that I know what will make me happy, without a relationship, but I am too lazy to do it. I suppose it’s that fire within me that I have been searching for all year. I think that is the key to my happiness. As I’ve said in a previous post, that everyone is going through their own battles – something that seems so easy and simple to another, is difficult for some one else.

    I hope you have a great 2014.

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