Everyone is Fighting Their Own Battles, Try Not Be a Cunt

I wish I could solve all the problems in the world. Well, not all the problems – but the ones that I have personally experienced or ones that I really do care about. It’s odd for me to imagine that there are still young teenagers experimenting with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes for the first time, but if I could go back to that age – I know nothing that was said to me would of stopped me either.

I’ve seen the effects that drug addiction has on people. My best friend was addicted to meth for a few years and it tore everything we had, apart. But, people are going to do it. People will do things that are bad for them and there isn’t that much I can do about it.

At the same time, I want to link this to weight loss or rather, weight in general. As I sit, an over weight female, I let my ~scars~ show to the whole world – I am overweight. There’s no secret. It is how I represent myself. And being overweight, I still am quick to judge those who are, too. Do I really want the first person I see to see the struggles that I have been through? People suffering from other weight related disorders, however – it may not be that easy to see. Just because someone looks healthy, does not mean they are healthy.

I am overweight, but have been and am back on eating well and exercise. I have now lost 25 pounds from my heaviest weight, and I am back on track to lose the rest – but not after a grueling 10 months of straying and putting on 10 of the 35 I had previously lost. We are all at different developmental levels. It’s easy to judge, lose patience or to get angry at someone who doesn’t like the way they look , but does not have the drive to change it – I have just been there.

The main point I am trying to make here is, “Everyone is fighting their own battles – try not be a cunt.”



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