A Year From Now, You Will Have Wished You Started Today

I am on my millionth attempt to lose weight and I decided to go through my old blog posts. The ones I wrote exactly one year ago when life was great, when I was working hard, losing weight, happy and reflective. I was thanking my good and bad experiences for getting me to where I was at that present moment. I was not bitter. That person is an inspiration to me. Who would of thought that one year later, I would be the one that I look up to and admire.

I feel as though my blog entries were more exciting and better written. I think this year, this place has just been for me to exit my thoughts quickly. Living in a small town last year, I sure did have a lot to say. I had a life of ups and downs that were news worthy. This year, I do find it hard sometimes to come up with something to say. I want to write. In fact, I would love to sit here and write all night long – but it seems my life isn’t that exciting lately, ha.

Regardless, the main reason I am my own role model is the radiance of happiness I emitted while on my weight loss journey last year. I knew what it was like to work hard, to be focused and also – to be a positive person.

So, as hopefully as you, the reader, is that I won’t go back to old ways, that I can live a life I am proud of – I found my inspiration from the writing of my own. I am finally in the perfect position to make this happen. I feel calm, relaxed, settled and focused. I have under five months until I go home. I want to make every second count.


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