Day 8 – Energised, But Sad

I’ve successfully completed my first week back on my path to a healthy life. I have been drinking Herbalife 2x a day and eating vegetables, low fat dairy, nuts, lean protein and fruit. I’ve been drinking water like it’s my job and I am down 9 pounds.

This journey is not only about weight loss. I felt it was my time to make myself happy again. I started blogging more, keeping healthy with diet and exercise, reading and sharing things that inspire me, getting great sleep, setting aside ‘me’ time and doing nice things for people.

I am doing everything right, and although I am feeling so much more energetic, I still feel sad. I have no reason to, but I do.

On a positive note, though – I am really starting to enjoy my job. I used to strive for free time so I could just sit and veg out or use Facebook.

I’ve got a dress that does not fit me hanging on my wall, and that is my motivation. I will fly home in 6 months time and will wear that dress when I get off the plane.

I am already witnessing changes and hope to see more results as the weeks go by.


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