My Last Fat Birthday

I lost 16kg at the end of last year but this year has just been a cloudy mess. I’ve gain 4 kg back and I haven’t felt more disgusting in my life.

I look in the mirror and feel gross and uncomfortable. I started losing weight by using Herbalife for 1 month. After trying desperately to get my head right to lose the rest of the weight, I have been failing. I’ve ordered Herbalife and plan to start that for 1 more month starting on Tuesday (the day after my 26th birthday).

I have 6 months until I go home to my family in South Africa and I want to hit it hard, get off that plane and look fantastic. I wrote a personal letter to my 25 year old self, and have taken some of my own quotes and put it up in my house. I am excited for Tuesday, because I think a complete change will do me some good. I am getting so tired of the same foods, it’s time to get it right again!


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