Ruining Everything That Was Good

I’m that girl that causes trouble, sometimes without even noticing it, with men’s girlfriends because I am not happy with myself. I am that girl that takes attention from the wrong places, because any good attention is better the image I see in the mirror or my own thoughts I have of myself in my head.

I’m having a hard time. I feel lost and out of control. I hate myself more because I use every excuse I can find to getting back to a healthy, pro active, constructive life. I validate every reasons as to why I think I am failure. How, I can and never will stick to something.

I read my previous post “Dear 25 Year Old Me” and get teary. It’s true and motivational, but every single piece of inspiration I am trying to find, gets lost.

At this point, I have many people behind me and I am not only disappointing them, I am disappointing myself the most.


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