Dear 25 Year Old Me

Dear 25 year old me,

I know you were unable to let go of the past. I know you had an undertone of sadness even during the most exciting times of your life, but the truth is – your exciting times were not exactly the healthiest choicest.

You pretended that you did not know why you were upset, why you are afraid to let yourself go and just be you, but you always knew it was your weight holding you back. You felt like a failure in a lot of your life, and giving up, more than once, on your journey to becoming thin and healthy made you feel inadequate again.

I know you think you will never be thin, happy, successful, and in love but you will. You have it in you to achieve absolutely everything you ever wanted. You miss your family, being so far away in South Korea, but you will know that that was the best place for you to grow, be the independent person that you always have been but never given the opportunity to show. Life does feel better when you are happy with who you are and what you look like. You just need to prioritise and remember what it was like to work hard. You will be happy and you will always be loved, work on and respect yourself so you are the best possible version.

Don’t regret anything. The bad choices you made and the bad things that happened to you, happened for a reason. It allowed you to see how much you can grow and how much love you can actually have for yourself. Don’t regret it. Don’t over analyse everything. You are not a quitter. You can stick to something, and you can do anything and everything.



2 thoughts on “Dear 25 Year Old Me

  1. Hi there! I happened across your blog today via a friend and I wanted to send you a virtual hug of sorts. I have been where you are. Not comfortable in your own skin & thinking it won’t get better. Or worse, thinking “If only I can get to this size, I will be happy.” I have been in your shoes. My advice (if you don’t mind a random stranger giving you advice) is this: Love Yourself Today. Love yourself enough to say, “Today, I am Me, I am going to do everything that is good for me, because I love me too much not to.” It might be hard at first (it was for me) but I find that as you say the words, and put the actions behind them, it is becomes easier by the day. Don’t wait on a certain size, or for someone else to bring happiness into your life. Happiness begins and ends within ourselves.

    You are a talented writer, and I am sure that there are more talents that you have that are just waiting to be revealed to the world. I don’t know you, but please know you have a fan in the US rooting for you to see the beauty that is in you NOW. You can do everything you set your mind to! Make this year your best one yet! You are worth it! 🙂

    With lots of love & *hugs*
    Ms. Aja B.

  2. I am replying to you with such gratitude. The fact that someone is even reading my blog is enough to make me feel great, but the time you took to send me this message – thank you.

    I find it hard to move past things of the past. If I can use the analogy of “oh, I’ve eaten a chocolate today, so I can only start my diet tomorrow.’ – that’s how I feel about my life. I’ve had bad things happen, and I feel like I can’t have a good, clean life. It’s something I’ve been trying to work, but I did give up on myself again somewhere this year.

    Today, I am starting again. I want to be happy again.

    Thank you again for the comment. It meant more to me than you know. I will definitely go and give your blog a look and a follow.

    Thank you.

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