Feeling Disgusting

I’ve had swollen glands for a week now. I spent the first half of the week feeling nauseous, dizzy, in pain and found it difficult to eat, swallow and speak. I went to the doctor and got prescribed antibiotics for 3 days, which ended on Wednesday.

I suddenly felt better on Wednesday. Thursday was a holiday, and my friend came to visit. It ended up an all-nighter, until sun rise and needless to say, I am back to swollen, sore glands. Anyway, today (Friday) was the first full day I worked this week.

My Korean co teacher has been so wonderful, and lead all of the classes today. I’m thankful it’s Friday but at the same time, I feel some weird emotions.

I’m back in the space where I want people to leave me alone. I am sick of people. It’s amazing how one or several people can influence your life so drastically. No matter what they’re intentions really are, you’re affected. I just don’t feel like it right now. Yet, I suddenly feel depressed and lonely. I feel unlovable tonight. Maybe I am just sick of feeling sore.

I’ve made a pact with my friend in New Zealand and we’re back on our great lifestyle changes from Monday. We agreed to email each other daily and stay accountable to one another with what we’re eating, exercise and how we’re feeling. I think we both need the motivation, too. I am looking forward to it. I’ve just got The Secret to read, and that will accompany my changes. It’s time to get back in the good space I was in last year and continue to lose this weight. I am feeling disgusting.

Have a safe and blessed weekend, all. xx


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