My Ideal Day/Lifestyle.

This is what my ideal day and lifestyle would be:


Wake up at 7am. 

Leave for work at 7:40am.

Read 10 pages of something motivational at work.

Eat a healthy snack at 10:30am.

Lunch at 12 noon.

Eat a healthy snack at 2-3pm.

Go home at 4:40pm.

Go home, eat dinner and relax until 7pm.

Gym at 7pm until 8pm.

Come home to shower, washing, dishes etc.

Sleep at 10-10:30pm.


When applicable, a decent amount of studying for my PGCE.

Lesson preparation accordingly. 


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Korea, Love and Longing

South African with a passion for writing, photography... and nothing much else. I travel the world in order to find the country I like the best. Four years in South Korea makes me a winning survivor of Google translate and charades. Currently, living in Spain. - Love

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