How and Why I wanted to Change my Life

When starting to change my lifestyle in Korea, I felt a bit overwhelmed. I usually tend to doubt myself in general, and being in this foreign country – I never quite felt confident that what I was eating or doing was, in fact, healthy and good for me. Most brands are Korean with food labels in Korean, too – so, most of the time I just stuck to what I knew.

I started to change my lifestyle at the end of October 2012. I had had a messy break up a few months prior, one of my friends had lost a lot of weight and together, it inspired me to make a change in my life. I’ve been overweight since childhood and now, to be thin and healthy is my number one goal. However, when January came around I began neglecting myself again, wanting to take care of others instead of myself (which I am so prone to do).

I did not give up entirely, yet I found myself craving (and eating!) bad food at night, going out for dinners more often and not sticking to my eating/workout schedule. Life took a dip at the point, where I was preparing for a big change and anxiety totally overcame me. I was quite unhappy for a few months.

Two week ago, I heard some news which made me feel unworthy. It was that moment that made me realize that I needed to continue on this journey. It reminded me why I decided to focus more on myself than anyone else. I’ve started eating well again, took out a new gym contract and I am back to that place I was in at the end of last year. Feeling confident, excited and inspired. I feel like everyone has the ability to be happy if they only knew what eating well and exercising would do for them. It’s really just a gift in itself.

To conclude, I felt that it would be useful (hopefully) for other expats in Korea to see what I’ve been eating while in Korea to lose weight. When starting out, I did a Google search and wasn’t entirely successful. My next post will be about my eating and exercise plans, with some pictures.

Have a great Monday, all. xx

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