My Affirmations

I praise, worship and appreciate the Lord.

I am thin, healthy and happy.

My family and friends are all healthy and happy.

I love my friends and they love me.

I have a wonderful boyfriend.

My boyfriend thinks I am the best person in the world and shows me every day.

I have great co workers, we get along wonderfully.

I feel worthy and good enough as a teacher.

I have full responsibility for my own lesson planning.

I am loved.

I love.

I exercise and love to do so.

I am losing weight rapidly.

I eat well.

I have good friends in abundance.

I have a gossip-free life with no added drama.

I am free from anxiety.

I love my job.

I love my life.

I love myself.

I treat everyone with kindness and in return, am treated with kindness.

I do not depend on or crave alcohol in copious amounts to have a good time socially, nor to enjoy or engage in sex.

I do not smoke cigarettes.

I do not over-eat.

I tell those important to me that I love them, and they tell me that they love me.

I am successful at helping others.

I am a good listener.

I smile often.

I make friends easily.

I stand up for myself and what I believe in.

I can confront conflict.

I accept the things I cannot change.

I respect my body by eating well, exercising and not sleeping around.

2 thoughts on “My Affirmations

  1. The good things in life

    a responding body,
    a charming smile
    a thinking mind
    few dollars and some dimes

    a goal , a vision
    a path untrodden
    along the way
    the jobs well done.

    a fun boyfriend
    a loving family
    interesting friends
    honest company

    the blue skies, the green trees
    the orange sun
    the singing birds

    a progressing country
    working men
    dedication in air
    to go back to
    a cosy den

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