My Life, Which Has Changed Drastically

My life has changed drastically over the last three weeks. I changed cities and jobs and with that, have come along more opportunities and obstacles. I’m in a great new city and my flat is much bigger. It’s right in the centre of down town, too – which is amazingly useful and convenient.

Yet, I’ve now changed from teaching High School to teaching Primary School and it is quite an adjustment. I do enjoy the kids, and I really enjoy being so busy. At my previous school, I was given copious amounts of time off. Here, I teach a lot more and I have taken on extra classes, too. I enjoy it when I can contribute towards society, help others and keep my body and mind active. I do, however, have a co worker who makes me feel inadequate, as if everything I do is wrong. This has been a big stress for me.

I have also had a serious talk with a guy who has very quickly entered my life and heart and we are taking some time off, which is hurtful for me – but I need to accept the things I cannot change. I cannot control what and how he feels.

I’ve recently started again with eating well and exercise. I bought a new scale, and good food and I’ve also stopped eating lunch at school (Korean food that is high in sodium as well as white rice). I took out a new gym contract, and will be going today. I’m quite excited about it.

On top of getting my body in shape, I am also trying to get back to that positive and happy place I was in at the end of last year. For the last two or so months, I’ve neglected my health, my mental state, writing and everything else that I so loved and enjoyed before. As it is evident, my posts have been less. I hope to start writing again on a daily or weekly basis about what’s going on in my life. I think this blog is a great way in which to link my feelings with events.

So, as it feels like I am starting over in achieving a happier self, I will fake it till I make it, which worked so well in the past. I will write a list of things that I want, as if I already have them – The Law of Attraction.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

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