True Forgiveness.

How do you truly forgive someone or something?


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Korea, Love and Longing

South African with a passion for writing, photography... and nothing much else. I travel the world in order to find the country I like the best. Four years in South Korea makes me a winning survivor of Google translate and charades. Currently, living in Spain. - Love

2 thoughts on “True Forgiveness.”

  1. By loving yourself more than you dislike the other.
    Forgiveness is for you, not them. When you forgive you release ‘yourself’. You don’t have to condone what another individual does; that is not your concern. What is your concern is ‘how you want to live from this day forward’. If that is to be forever under the power of the other individual, then so be it; do not forgive them. If, on the other hand you want to live ‘better’ then you need to let that individual go.

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