Sunshine in my Life

I feel like a second class human being today. Not too long ago, I spent a good few months taking time to take care of myself and not allowing people into my life, because of my fear of getting hurt. I feel strongly that I should consider doing it again.

I’m tired of feeling too much, thinking too much, drinking too much, fucking up too much and I’m tired of people who essentially have no regard for others. I’m tired of the way people treat each other every day, myself included. I hate the way that most humans can be and are cruel. I hate that all good deeds go unnoticed with the drop of a hat.

When do I get my turn to have sunshine in my life?


13 thoughts on “Sunshine in my Life

  1. I feel like I went through something similar when I made the choice that you made to sort of weed out a bunch of people. A lot of people, sometimes the same ones and sometimes others, seemed to come back in like those snakes that get two heads for every one that you chop. But I have faith that you’ll keep doing what you’re doing and eventually, the whole entire shift will happen and the sunshine will come back…for what that’s worth. Hang in there 🙂 Hope it comes back soon!

      1. 🙂 I hear that! Recently started smoking cigarettes again, and am feeling really similar to what you are saying. Time for an e-cigarette to start that quitting process all over..ack..

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