Life, Love and Beauty

I want to know what type of girl you think I am? Do you think I am hard and easy-going? I want you to know that my past is not something I am proud of. I want you to know that I’ve battled hard and wished for a life that was different. To know that I am emotionally raw and this is all new to me.

That I wished for better life choices, but have failed in executing it. That my heart is big and warm and craves only one. That, in my words I feel limited except for when they’re written or thought up in my messy head. That it’s hard for me to let things or people go. I can’t forgive myself for things that have happened – that one thing that happened, but I’ve tried to live as best I could

. I’m nervous, anxious and shy and it’s that which makes people believe that I’m lacking passion and drive. I see beauty in things ordinary people don’t. I appreciate love, life and little things that make me tick – a beautiful dance, a sad film or somber lyrics. My lack of verbal skills is a poor reflection of how deep I really am.


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