I Love

I love my family and friends.

I love my apartment.

I love that I am ambitious.

I love that I am happy.

I love the trees during Fall.

I love Narcisso Rodriguez perfume.

I love nailpolish.

I love TV shows.

I love music.

I love eating healthily and exercising.

I love writing.

I love modern dance.

I love talking to my friends and family.

I love water.

I love reading.

I love being inspired.

I love making lists.

I love having everything I need in abundance.

I love having money.

I love going out with friends.

I love being loved and accepted.

I love stationery.

I love art.

I love poetry.

I love inspiring others.

I love helping others.

I love encouraging others.

I love feeling motivated.

I love when I finish something that I start.

I love God.

I love laughing.

I love the internet.

I love long e-mails from friends and family.

I love nature.

I love taking photographs.

I love sleeping.

I love losing weight.

I love my curly hair.

I love Clinique.

I love new clothes.

I love new accessories.

I love lamb chops.

I love having BBQ’s.

I love men.

I love leopard print.

I love going home to visit my family and friends.

I love complimenting and being complimented.

I love giving thanks and being thanked.

I love being appreciated.

I love being organized.

I love routine.

I love seeing sun rays.

I love full moons.

I love watching the sunset and the sunrise.

I love seeing the ocean.

I love pay day.

I love when my friends and family are happy and healthy.


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