Red Fibres of Her Being

The fibres of her red, golden, brown and beautiful locks are alive with promise. The light reflecting on each strand, making her more beautiful than I’d ever imagined. The sun is bright and hurts my eyes and skin, but she does not feel it.

Her limp body has received the harsh punishment life has inflicted upon her too many times. Now, she is defeated. She does not fight back, she never fights back. The terrible irony of life that emulates from her hair, rich with colour. Waves crash against the dead wood she lays upon, and we remember her just as we see her.


6 thoughts on “Red Fibres of Her Being

      1. I didn’t read it that way…! I read it to mean that life’s harsh punishment meant she ‘felt’ defeated; not, in fact, dead…
        “full of potential on the inside, but dead on the outside” I saw as a metaphor… This is still a very sad tale… 😦

      2. No matter how it’s interpreted, it’s very well done…! 🙂
        That always surprises me with my own writing. Sometimes the reader sees things that I didn’t intend..!
        And, sometimes I wish I’d meant it the way they’d interpreted… 😉
        I guess we’ll all see something a little different, at times…
        (I haven’t forgotten about that Meditation post, either. I’ve done a short audio, and hopefully will post later today…) 🙂

      3. Definitely. After I read it over, I saw something else that it could possible mean, but didn’t intend for it. I really enjoyed writing this. Thanks for posting yours!

        Great, I look forward to reading/listening to it!

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