Believe It, Be It!

I’ve just received a new Book called Believe It, Be It by Ali Vincent, a former winner of The Biggest Loser. She talks about her struggle with weight loss as well as the internal reasons contributing to weight gain and eating habits. As much as I absolutely can’t put this book down, I wanted to take the opportunity to write this post, before I continue onto the next chapter.

I’ve realized that I am the only one who has ever stood in the way of me being the happiest and best person that I can be. For as many as seven or more years, the very thing that I thought would make me happy, made me unhappy. And it’s easy to blame the people that you think do these things to you, but at the end of the day – everything I do, every action, every decision and everything that happens to me thereof is my own doing. It’s liberating to say that because I know how I can change the behaviour.

I think the new battle now, is the change.


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