As I’ve been reading 10 pages a day of The Power, I’ve actively tried to encourage good thoughts and good feelings by surrounding and reminding myself of the things I want to achieve. I’ve written down what I want from life on heart-shaped sticky notes and they’re stuck up above my computer so that I can look at them often.

I also have a number of inspirational quotes placed around my apartment for encouragement. I’m really feel good about myself and about life in general and it’s absolutely wonderful to be able to say that.


9 thoughts on “Affirmations

  1. So lovely to read… I used to write things I wanted to be/achieve and I’d put them ‘everywhere’; on the fridge, on the mirrors, in my car, everywhere… and they helped me enormously… 😉

      1. There were so many..!
        I must have achieved many of them because today I can’t remember them..! I used visualization methods too; anything that helped me to appreciate I could become more of myself with effort. I also learned to meditate, which helped me tremendously…
        Little by little having the attitude of ‘wanting better for myself’ eventually led me to my goals… That’s really the best that we can do… Having a goal, and striving to achieve it ‘gradually’…

      1. Perhaps I shall do a post on meditation over the next few days. I’ll add a meditative audio link as well, which can help when someone guides you to relax..
        I’ll look forward to that…

  2. It is like the proverbial saying … “when the heart is right … life seems to agree” very biblical also. Everything whether realized or not … begins and ends with God … we realize at different times in our life the actuality of God in charge … seen and unseen. I know you will continue on your journey with the goodness God desires for your life! We are all purposed and we are all reflections of God … whether we believe it or not …

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