Anxious Antics

It’s difficult for me to tell you how my day was yesterday. I battled with recurring thoughts in my head a lot of the day. However, I feel my day was successful – work went well, I stretched and worked out a little, I bought some healthy food and ate a great healthy meal. Those are the things that make me feel like I’ve had an accomplished day and are things that I am glad to do because they keep me busy and active.

On the other hand, with recent events swirling around in my head, I did feel a lot more anxiety. After dinner, I was doing something simple and couldn’t get it right. It made me burst into tears, scream and then spiral into a panic attack that left me feeling really dizzy. I hadn’t felt that way before, and it was scary. My friend called me soon after and we spoke for an hour or so. He lightened my load a lot and even though he doesn’t fully understand what it’s like to go through anxiety, he always gives me the same advice – to look for a coping mechanism. We just had a conversation and it just made me feel better, I do feel better.

As long as I can be the best that I can be, one day at a time, then that is all you can ask for.


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