Go For It! Be Wonderful!

Winter is coming. As we approach the season that is the least favourable to diet – I am more pumped than ever. In fact, I am feeling good all-round.

I was asked “What do you spend a lot of time thinking about” and answered “The most amazing year that I’ve just had, how much I have learnt and grown while being in Korea and how I can better myself each day.” It’s all true. When e-mailing my friend back home, I admitted to having grown the most this year than any other.

They were men-related, but it wasn’t about them – they ignited something within me. They taught me so much about life, about myself, lessons, I was able to overcome fears and experience a new kind of emotion for another human being.

Although this year has been one hell of a roller coaster, emotionally – and I can truthfully say I spent about 30-50% of it in heartache, it was not all in vain. The heartache got me to the place that I am today. Let’s not forget glass half full and realise that 50-70% of it was spent ecstatically overjoyed and happy. Everything happens for a reason. Everyone enters and exits your life for a reason.

Leverage sucks – so the fact that I had to face heartache for a lesson bigger than you or I, well I suppose that is what life is about. I am happy to announce that there were positives that came out of all the horrific pain I felt this year. If the last guy I was seeing hadn’t of left me, I wouldn’t of had any aspirations to change my body, because I was told I was “beautiful” everyday. And I do believe that, I know that I am beautiful on the inside and out, but I am not happy with my body and now I have been motivated to change it. The fact that I didn’t find someone to cover up my sadness after my ex left was a blessing in disguise. I made that mistake in the past, and although it took all those feelings away and replaced them with good ones – it made me learn the lessons later and feel the hurt more when guy number two was out of the picture.

Again, everything happens for a reason. I was forced to deal with the bad feelings and I have come out stronger. Admittedly, I think about them both from time to time. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. It’s a part of me that I wish didn’t happen – but again, it is all part of the process. I trust the process, I am feeling how I feel and letting myself go when I need to.

Just two-three months ago, I admitted to needing -me- time, but I wasn’t sure how to do that. I now know, and it’s exactly what I am doing right now. I read a quote last night “A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.” And that is a great motivational quote for me. Along with “Your body achieves what the mind believes”. Go for it, be wonderful, smile, laugh, drink water, go outside, be kind and work hard. Just do it.


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