The Best Person I Can Possibly Be

I get paid tomorrow and I’ve given myself one more month to ~not save~ before I need to pay for next years’ studies, a flight home etc. I’ve been wanting an iPad for absolutely no reason except just to have one and I also like to just have the money to use on whenever I want – but no, I’ll be spending it differently.

I’ve recently been considering making a change in my life, and it’s because I know my mind and my body are not healthy. For the last week, I’ve considered eating more healthily and starting to exercise and finally I thought “I need to be the best person I can possibly be, the best version of myself.” I need to do what I feel will get me healthy and happy.  I’m not happy with my weight, and there is something I can do about it. I can practice self control, work towards something bigger than my mere existence and be responsible for my well-being.


6 thoughts on “The Best Person I Can Possibly Be

  1. Great Job! If you need any other diet supplements try Their shipping to korea is dirt cheap…if not free. I get all my vitamins, protein shakes, etc on there. AAND you can buy oatmeal for $3.00 instead of $15 😉

  2. Rad! Thanks. I actually just ordered HerbaLife – but am thinking about what I should do for breakfast. I usually grab something on the way to school – but I think I should start eating before I leave for work. Any suggestions?

  3. Yay you!
    I feel like breakfast choices are really related to each person’s own body. For me, it’s always different. Sometimes eggs and toast satisfies me for hours, other times I want oatmeal with greek yogurt and flax oil and wild blueberries (even though I never have those).
    I bet if you experiment with various things before you leave for work, you’ll find a healthy breakfast that keeps *you* feeling full and satisfied and energized, just figure out what you have to pick from and try different things. If that makes any sense?

    1. The reason I’ve been so lazy in terms of breakfast, is because I sleep until I sincerely have to get up and then don’t have enough time. I usually get something unhealthy on the way to work. I’ve bought Special K and will wake up an extra 10 or so minutes earlier. Diet starts tomorrow!

      1. Good luck tomorrow!
        I like making stuff ahead of time sometimes, like soaking chia seeds in some juice, or making a good chai tea, or something like that. Then in the morning it’s like I am getting the benefit of last night’s effort and also saving money and also being healthy in some ways. Good luck, hope it feels great tomorrow!

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