10 Reasons To Feel Good Today

1. It’s pay day in two days.

2. My exam ends at 10:30am on Thursday and I have the rest of the day off in Seoul.

3. I just had a great weekend with friends.

4. I get off work early today and tomorrow because the students are writing mid term exams.

5. I realized last night, that my best friend and I will be stuck together for life.

6. My best friend has recently started dating again and seems really happy, after a long road of hurt.

7. I am considering making a massive change in my life and the thought is making me excited.

8. It’s Autumn, the weather is amazing and the colours are fantastic.

9. A best friend I lost to addiction is clean and we have started talking again after a few years apart.

10. I only teach 2/5 days this week.


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