Something to Believe In

Who am I to say that I know anything about the world or the human condition? But then, who is any one else to say the same? My Facebook page is saturated with inspirational quotes, phrases and lines that are supposed to make anyone believe in humanity again. Yes, they’ve worked on me. In fact, I just read a poem tonight that inspired me, and brought me to tears (After a While – Veronica A. Shoffstall).

It is exactly what I need to hear right now. But why should I believe these positive words? Are they written because they are true? No. They are written because people want to believe that we’re strong as humans, that we are capable of achieving anything we set our mind to, that we are empowered.

As humans, we are complex. Let me use the analogy of technology. Over many years, people create new things, test them out and yes, they work, great. Humans are different. There is no “Yes, that works!

So, in essence, what do these poems actually mean to anyone? Besides words that people want to believe and use as some form of inspiration, rather than “You know what, that author IS right, I can endure and I am strong” The author doesn’t know you. But again, we are all looking for something to believe in, something to motivate us. Heck, I’ll take it.


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