Veronica Shoffstall – After A While

After a while you learn
The subtle difference between
Holding a hand and chaining a soul
And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning
And company doesn’t always mean security.

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The Insignificance of Westerners in Korea

I have just read this on Facebook: “Me: Hey. How are you doing today? Him: Best day of my life. Me: You won the lottery? Him: Nope. I’m breathing. He makes a good point. Every day is a good day if you’re alive and able to live it.”

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Pros and Cons of Teaching English in South Korea

I have been teaching English in South Korea for just over 2.5 years. I spent one year at a private after-school English Academy in Osan, a year teaching at a public High School in Icheon and now I am at a Public Elementary School in Ansan. There are so many pros and cons to both Academy (Hagwon) and Public School jobs.

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Good Apple

It’s happened. Gangnam Style was on repeat earlier and I got up and danced. This is disturbing and great at the same time. Disturbing, because for the last month I’d been complaining about how ridiculous that song is. Great, because – I danced. I’ve been feeling so terrible for the last week, I couldn’t even listen to music (this has never happened to me before). It either made me sad, or just pissed me off.

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Friday Confessions and Temptations

I positively could not sleep last night. Maybe it was because I had woken up at twelve noon. Either way, it was 5:30am and I was laying bed, wondering about what my next blog post would be. I felt somewhat inspired and excited to start writing about some more positive, as you may know my previous entries have been nothing but disasters. I wanted to write about how Korea has changed my life, and it has. But as it goes, this will not be that post.

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Girls // Boys

I’ve only now come to the realisation that I have always seen people as inherently good. Yes, I have been done a wrong in my life – I’ve had people do horrible things to me and I’ve even said, done or thought horrible things myself, but more specifically – I’m talking about men. These last few days have shown me some truly ugly sides of men that were ~important~ to a friend and I.

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